The Last Flight of a Pigeon

Waking up in the middle of the night because some pigeon thinks he’s suddenly a nocturnal creature and that your window is the perfect thing to fly into so hard that it breaks the window is one of those experiences that don’t happen often. I hope not, anyway. I woke up with a shriek, a most masculine shriek I assure you, and grabbed the bat that I have by my bed. Thinking to discover a robber I instead found a dead pigeon and shards of glass. Thankfully my neighbor does window repair in Union County NJ but good Lord, that was a mess! Thinking that I could just go back to bed, I was reminded of just how cold it was outside and promptly found myself instead cleaning up shards of broken glass amidst the blood of this suicidal pigeon. Continue reading

Invisalign Has Turned out to Be Just What I Was Looking for

Dentist in Marmaris-Dental Marmaris-Dental ClinicI have always wanted to get my teeth straightened, but I did not really know that I wanted to deal with the metal braces that so many teenagers wear. I am an executive, and I simply did not relish the thought of needing to deal with metal on my teeth when I need to wear high-end suits every day. I always need to look professional and mature, and I was not sure that traditional braces would allow that. So, a coworker mentioned to everyone in a meeting that you should get your Invisalign done with Coden Specialists because they can do the work without any metal at all.

Not having heard about Invisalign, I asked him what it was. He immediately pulled a plastic liner out of his mouth to show us. Basically, a dentist makes a mold of your teeth, and then a liner is created to help move your teeth without needing to deal with standard braces.

I was really surprised because I had never seen this liner in his mouth, and I have spent hours talking to him. I mentioned that very thing, and he said that is exactly why he decided to go with this type of orthodontic treatment. He said that no one has ever mentioned that they know he is wearing any type of treatment at all.

I immediately made an appointment to discuss the possibilities for my own mouth. The dentist was sure that he could help me, so I told him that I wanted to do it. The work to make the molds for my teeth took place pretty quickly. The liners that have been made from the molds are very comfortable. So far, no one has even noticed when I wear them. It will be really nice to see what my teeth look like two years from now.

I Carry My Smartphone Camera and Selfie Stick to Get Great Pictures and Video

When I got the latest smartphone it was more for the better camera than any other changes the brand offered. The camera is really good. There have been experiments with professionals using them to capture amazing images, and I heard about a project that was using a smartphone to film a movie. They apparently wanted to see how far they could push the hardware. I have my phone and Selfie Stick with me all of the time. The stick is just a telescoping tube with a foam handle and Bluetooth shutter remote, but I use it for getting some really nice still shots and video sequences.

When I am doing time-lapse photography with my smartphone, I do use a steady tripod. However, for the day to day shots that I get opportunity to take, I use the Selfie Stick. Continue reading

Had to Work to Find a New Place

I pretty much got thrown out of the place where I had been living, but not for any fault of my own. I had been living in this studio apartment not too far from the campus of Portland State, but the place changed hands and the new landlord decided he would run everyone off who had a lease, then get new tenants after he raised the rent by about a third. I was told I had to get rid of my dog, but instead I looked until I found this place, and moved over there. I got a guy from work to go half on it with me, but my name is on the lease. He is having different problems, because his girlfriend just tossed him out. He says that he did nothing wrong, but I am guessing that she had cause. Continue reading

Living Right by the Sea

When I decided to move, I was not sure how to start my search for a new condo. I knew that I wanted to move into an executive condo, so I did an online search for the newest developments in the area that I wanted to move into. That is how I found Condo Gallery, a website that has an extensive amount of information about the newest and best condo developments in different areas of Singapore. What I really liked about this site was that everything was in one place, so I did not have to spend a lot of time looking for information on each development in the area.

I was able to see pictures of each development as well as floor plans for the various condo units available at each one. In addition, there is also plenty of information about the amenities that each one offers and information about the surrounding neighborhood. Continue reading

ADT Security Providers Near Kerrville, Texas

I have some neighbors that might not like me very much, on account of some feuding in our families’ histories. I do not have any part of that, and I do not want any part of it, but my neighbors might think differently. Mostly I think they’re a bunch of dumb hicks, and I would like to get some protection for my home and family. I am thinking that I would like to look into adt security in kerrville because I am rather sure that there is a local branch of ADT in the area, and I think it would be a good idea to have a security system installed.

I do not really think that these people would be stupid enough to come over to my property, and to mess with my house. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think that they would go that far. Continue reading

Just Got Moved Up to Savannah

Guia de canales de DirecTV Colombia - Julio 2008I am thinking about taking a trip up to see a friend of mine in Charleston, SC soon. I have not seen him since we were in college about six years ago and the two of us used to have a lot of fun. I am in Savannah now and it is not that far from there. At any rate I am waiting on the cable guy from Cox to come hook up my TV and Internet. I got one of those package deals, although I probably should have looked around more. I think it was like this deal, and it is hard to figure out whether or not there are any strings attached. Continue reading

Feeling Safe in the Big City

I was born and raised in a very small town. The population was less than 1,000 people, and there were only 59 kids who graduated with me in my high school class. Going from a town like that to Los Angeles can be a pretty scary move, but it was one that had to be done if I wanted to have my dream job. I was able to find a nice house for my wife and I, but I still was not used to living in the city. That is why I searched for ADT in Los Angeles within just a few weeks of living there. Continue reading

Started Looking for a Place Near A&M

I am going to move down to College Station, but it is not a rush. The college of Texas A & M is going to give me a pretty nice job, but it does not start until the other guy retires at the end of the next semester. I have to go find a place to live and I already went to and figured out which power companies are going to be available to me in College Station TX. Continue reading

Making the Most out of Home Insurance Deals

There is no doubt that home insurance is important in almost any location, as every home is prone to accidents that can cause fire or other damages to the property. Everyone hopes for the best and many try to prepare for problems or avoid them altogether, but sometimes it is simply helpless and nothing can be done. In these cases the safety net of home insurance really begins to shine, as it can come through and save the day even in the most seemingly bleak situations. By checking out the page on Winchester, local residents can find some of the best deals on the market.

Of course many factors go into the pricing of home insurance, some of which are controlled by you and others that must simply be deal with. For example, the size of a home and property directly impacts pricing and the location can impact which kind of features cost more in an area. At the same time though, customers can pick and choose which types of coverage they feel are necessary and leave out the others to save money on monthly payments.

For example coverage for personal liability or medical payments are not often considered when thinking about home insurance, but they can be very important in many cases. If someone is worried about these issues it can be a great investment, but for people that can’t afford to cough up the extra money it may be worth skipping. Ultimately it is a very fine line to draw, as nobody wants to put unnecessary stress on his or her financial accounts, but it is hard to plan appropriately for unpredictable situations. In the end if you are going to pay for a safety net such as insurance, it is important to make sure that it gives you full comfort and satisfaction in regards to potential problems.

Need to Look for More Office Space

In the past year we have been improvising rather than going ahead and expanding our office space directly. Of course there are limits to what you can do, but you can have a lot of effect by using virtual office space and letting your people work from home when it is possible. I love that myself. You can get up, have your breakfast and go right to work. At the office you have a lot of distractions it seems to me, other people want to goof off and they need help from me. If you click here you will see the sort of serviced offices we are looking at right now. It is not going to be a simple matter though, as we are going to need to do a great many things to get the move made smoothly. Continue reading


Couple of Awesome j Snap shots

  1. J
    Image by urbanmkr
    J’s oyster bar, the diviest seafood place in Portland. I had sandy clams, yum. Good J though.

  2. J
    Image by AndrĂ©e Oulmann – On Linden Way
    I had a hard time with J, but found this vintage Banania ad on the window of a boulangerie, and thought the fellow looked festive and joyful!

    (NB uploaded Mon, fixed the text Tues)

The Progress of Technology and Business

When you fly a lot like myself you would think that learning your way around the cities that you visit frequently would become easier. This is not true! Not for me, anyway. Due to the sheer number of cities that I visit due to work I find myself more often than not confusing places rather easily. This is why in every city I find a preferred car rental place that has its own choice of drivers and in Penang that means I hit up They're the best that money can buy and have even adapted their prices in the changing industry.I almost never call a Taxi company these days. They're a business model that is refusing to change which bothers me to no end. Jobs and profits are important but when a business model refuses to invest in improving their model with the market they're only Proceed Reading The Material

My First Visit to a Chiropractor

Due to a recent injury that I suffered while at the gym, my doctor suggested to me that I might want to consider visiting a chiropractor in the near future. While there was nothing 'serious' going on beyond the limited mobility that I was experiencing during the healing process, she was concerned that if I didn't have more physical activity while healing I might never be able to have comfortable mobility like I've enjoyed for all of my life. Deciding that looked like my best bet, I scheduled an interview and disregarded my concerns about seeing a chiropractor for the first time.

It's not unusual to hear negative remarks made toward the profession. I've heard some rather scary stories about how people have become paralyzed or suffered neurological damage after their visit to a chiropractor! So walking through those doors was actually a rather intimidating experience. The receptionist was kind, noticing that I was both worried, new at this and that the stiffness in my back was making it difficult for me to sit. With a smile she lead me into a room with a massage therapy bed, the model that uses bursts of water against a gel membrane that you lay under - the most amazing thing ever!

In short, after meeting my new chiropractor I was put entirely too ease by him. He was a professional through and through who knew exactly what he was about. He could even guess the type of injury that I had suffered which made it all too easy for him to recommend a daily stretching routine that I should focus on as well as bi-weekly visits that would see me using the massage therapy bed as well as some light electro-shock therapy to stimulate both the nerves and the muscles in my back. All in all, it was not what I expected in the slightest!

Proceed Reading The Material